Naperville, IL Home Inspections

Whether pre-listing, pre-purchase, new-home or Builders Warranty, your Naperville, IL home inspection will be performed with our own high-tech equipment. Then, typically within 24 hours, you will receive your easy-to-read report including information, images and diagrams.

A pre-listing Naperville home inspection gives the seller an opportunity to repair any items that were revealed during the inspection. A pre-purchase Naperville home inspection reduces the risk that a buyer will encounter costly future surprises.

A new Naperville home inspection helps ensure quality construction both before the drywall goes up and before the new owner takes possession.

You might also benefit from a Builders Warranty home inspection. This usually occurs in the 11th month after moving into your Naperville home. With this inspection, we would thoroughly review every item and detail covered under your warranty.

Licensed / Certified Naperville, IL Home Inspector

Dunwell Home Inspections is here for your greater peace of mind in Naperville. Contact us for efficient Naperville home inspection by a licensed and certified home inspector.